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Personnel: Byard Lancaster (flutes, saxophones, bass clarinet and vocals), with Eric Ross (theremin, piano and synthesizer), Vito Ricci (guitars and congas), Toshi Makihara (percussion and vocals), plus special guest bassoonist Kathleen Kilpatrick.
"Pathfinder" / "Theories of Orbit" / "The Cartographer (views a coastline)" / "Leaving Mars" ("Volcanic" / "Escape Velocity")

What the critics say:

"Mars 2 Earth is a quartet playing experimental music that is extremely engrossing. Although it is considerably futuristic, it is accessible. Spirited by Lancaster on flutes, saxophones, and bass clarinet, the band journeys outbound to the eerie music emanating from Ross' electronics, Makihara's percussion, and Ricci's guitar. They assimilate multiple disciplines in exploring the beautiful zones of outer space. The result is an effortlessly gliding spaceship probing the dark and unknown reaches of the universe.
The theremin emits waves of quiet energy, the flute barks back, and the guitar and percussion add snippets of supernatural sound inviting the bassoon to join the prancing parade in weightless space. Amid it all, Lancaster shows his improvising strength on his many woodwinds, including a biting alto outburst on the closing tune. Mars 2 Earth is an integrated unit playing beautiful music with an eye to the heavens. It is a mesmerizing, captivating, and challenging album attempting to speak to aliens but communicating very effectively with earthlings."
- Cadence

"4 musicians perform a night of hypnotic, powerful music guaranteed to transport the listener from the heart of space to the funky underground."
- Sedgwick Cultural Center

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