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    Mission Statement:

    Dreambox Media/Encounter Records is an independent musicians' co-op dedicated to promoting the rich tradition of distinctively original and creative Philadelphia jazz artists. Encounter Records, the jazz label, was begun in 1986 to release works by under-recorded veterans and deserving newcomers. Dreambox Media was formed in 1995 to enable these recordings to reach a wider audience through this website in addition to live performances, radio airplay, and clinics for young listeners and aspiring players.

    Our artists have played major jazz festivals and clubs all over the world, and have conducted local community workshops for students of all ages in the spirit of spreading the message of America's indigenous artform.

    Keeping this uniquely American, truly democratic music alive requires all of us to do our part to support JAZZ!
    And speaking of that...we'd like to thank all of you for your interest and support, enabling us (as of early 2007) to celebrate our twentieth anniversary with our one hundredth release!

    Want to know Why we're doing this?

    Dreambox Media / Encounter Records is an independent "co-op" dedicated to musicians performing a wide range of jazz styles. Since PHILADELPHIA JAZZ (as opposed to the "smooth" variety force-fed to us by corporate interests) has a rich tradition of breeding distinctively original and creative artists, we aim to supplement and provide an alternative to the mass market-driven policy decisions made by other record labels.

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