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Named "Jazz Hero" by the Jazz Journalists Association in 2013, drummer and founder Jim Miller pulls the plug on the label after 30 years with "why it was named Dreambox Media in the first place. It was intended to be a musicians' co-op for any type of expression: not only audio recordings, but print and visual as well." Flicks, Sticks & Tones is a suite of six original compositions and accompanying conceptual videos. The music, performed and recorded live in concert at Edelman Planetarium (Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ) on 04.08.2015, was realized by Tyrone Brown, Dave Hotep, Chris Simonini and E.J. Yellen on electric upright bass, guitar-tronics, keyboards, and EWI / tenor saxophone respectively.
The multi-directional video references war and peace, history and geography, American "exceptionalism," inequality, cosmography, Philadelphia Jazz and beyond, but also plays as an homage to film directors Kubrick, Spielberg, Wertmuller, Coppola, Godard, Truffaut, Spike Lee, Fellini, Renoir, Hitchcock, Scorsese, Bunuel, Kazan and Welles.
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"Drummer and educator Jim Miller has been at the helm of our regionís only record label devoted to exclusively to jazz, Dreambox Media, for 30 years. After issuing dozens of recordings over three decades, Dreambox is calling it a day ('it has constantly been on life support,' says Miller), but the label is going out with head held high via the release of a DVD called Flicks Sticks & Tones, featuring the best of area players. In addition to Miller on drums, the DVD features bassist Tyrone Brown, guitarist Dave Hotep, Chris Simonini on keyboards, and long-time Miller collaborator E.J. Yellen on saxophone."
- Bruce Klauber, Broad Street Review

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