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Late keyboardist Dave Falciani composes and arranges an all-star super-session of original tunes with "OKO JUMO" (that's Malaysian for "One who sees through dreams").

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Saxophonists Ben Schachter and Chris Farr; John Swana on trumpet; bassists Jamaaladeen Tacuma or Gerald Veasley; guitarist Ed Hamilton; Richard Waller III, Jerry Maurio, Pat Petrillo or Chuck Trecce on drums; percussionists Jim Hamilton, Daryl Kwasi Burgee, Frank "Squirrel" Williams and Ron Howerton; plus additional exotic voices and textures in the mix!
"Vamos a Bailar" / "No Sign at Houston" / "Minarets of Musalla" / "Minta Sunflower" / "Bahia Honda" / "Viva" / "Winds of Change" / "Bake's Beard" / "Suma Lee" / "Horizon Watcher" / "Capt'n Gypsy" / "Trails" / "La Famillia - Squirrel"

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What the critics say:

"You've got to like the snarling beats that course through this CD. The late Philly pianist Dave Falciani, who had relocated to Key West, creates a steaming collection of world fusion, much of it backed by a driving beat.
Part Weather Report, part Mahavishnu Orchestra, the set gets its charge from Brazilian and Indian influences set amid simmering grooves. Guitarist Ed Hamilton bends notes with sitarlike pizzazz on 'Minarets of Musalla,' which segues into preposterous funk.
'Bahia Honda' starts like a rough engine and would work fine in a gritty spaghetti western, while 'Viva' crackles nicely...
...(B)assists Jamaaladeen Tacuma and Gerald Veasley are two of the best for this kind of outing. And saxophonist Ben Schachter blows some heavy air on 'Winds of Change.'"
- Philadelphia Inquirer

"...Falciani and guitarist Ed Hamilton have moved away from Oko Jumu's previous electronica sound toward worldly fusion. The keyboardist achieves droning synthesizer tones as Jerry Maurio and Radha Gopinath Das approximate a drumming army on the Afro-Cuban romp 'Vamos a Bailar.' A de-accelerated 'No Sign at Houston' features Das on tablas and Falciani playing an acoustic piano solo. Both tracks feature underground fusion bass star Jamaaladeen Tacuma.
The project's other bassist is former Zawinul Syndicate member Gerald Veasley, who anchors energized pieces like 'Bake's Beard' and 'Capt'n Gypsy.' The two tracks feature the same additional personnel in saxophonist Chris Farr, drummer Pat Petrillo and percussionist Jim Hamilton. Another highlight is 'Suma Lee,' which showcases an arsenal of horns, percussion and the vocals of the Universal African Dance & Drum Ensemble. Everything's Liquid always swings...it's a better post-Weather Report world fusion attempt than that of most bands in the game far longer than Oko Jumu."
- JazzTimes

"...On the funk edge, is the band OKO JUMO...the project of keyboardist Dave Falciani (also perc, programming)...In addition to a muscular brand of funk, Falciani works in various Brazilian and Indian elements and insinuations of electronica over the discís 13 tracks...This serves the purpose of giving the music a little more distinction than usually found in this type of music. There are some good solos, especially tenor player Ben Schachterís turn on 'Winds Of Change.'
...Those whose tastes run toward that funk/world music hybrid may want to check this one out."
- Cadence

"Spirited grooves are just the beginning...Led by Philadelphia pianist Dave Falciani, the world music and jazz project mixes multi-layered, genre-blending beats with confident jazz fusion performances on horns, guitars, and keys. Dave's keyboard work, which brings to mind that of Vijay Iyer in eclecticism and sophistication, is assured and tasteful throughout. The pieces...are rich but uncluttered; 'Bake's Beard,' for example, opens with ambient synth washes and simple sax motifs before breaking into a meaty orchestrated funk groove. Among other highlights, he plays some killer processed electric piano parts in 'Minarets of Musalla,' and the chants and grinding synth bass on 'Suma Lee' make for a wonderfully edgy track."
- Keyboard Magazine

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