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From the same productive 2005 sessions that resulted in Chuck Gottesman's "My Hard Luck Story," tenor saxophonist MICHAEL FEIN's debut CD includes the title track, seven other original compositions, and inventive arrangements of "Bye, Bye Blackbird" and "Days of Wine and Roses."
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    Personnel: Chuck Gottesman, trumpet and flugelhorn; Stephen Selfridge, alto saxophone; Behn Gillece, vibraphone; Maeve Royce, bass; Jim Miller, drums.
    "Layer Cake" / "I Hear Footsteps" / "Ballad for Ella" / "Sketch Me If You Can" / "Dexter's Bounce" / "Days of Wine and Roses" / "Snow White and the Twelfth Elf" / "Buttered Potatoes" / "Four Flights Up" / "Bye, Bye Blackbird"

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What the critics say:

"Tenor saxophonist Michael Fein...proves to be one winsome-sounding cat...with a lot of heart and some cool compositions, too.
Fein, who writes for a septet including vibraphonist Behn Gillece, highlights some warm colors on 'Ballad for Ella,' and invites listeners to follow the boppish twists of 'Sketch Me If You Can.'
His solo take through Henry Mancini's 'Days of Wine and Roses' represents a striking effort...he's consistently musical, and so is his well-schooled band, including trumpeter Chuck Gottesman...and alto saxophonist Stephen Selfridge...hip."
- Philadelphia Inquirer

"...(H)is solo work is solid, and he certainly deserves kudos for his solo sax reading of 'Days of Wine and Roses,' one of the discís better tracks...Among the other players, the crisp work of vibist Behn Gillece grabs the ear most strongly..."
- Cadence

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