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"FATHER JOHN" D'AMICO TRIO: "Street Blues" (EAR-1010)
"Live at the Painted Bride" (EAR-1006)

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The prolific "Father John" D'Amico presents nine original compositions on his second CD, featuring longtime bassist Kenny Davis and Ron DiStefano on drums: "Street Blues" / "Nightfall" / "Love is a Melody" / "Josephine" / "Jump Street" / "Suite for Mozart" / "Vintage Blues" / "Cancion" / "Jazz Dancer"

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What the critics say:
"Father John's content to go solo but says he prefers the trio format, as he enjoys the interaction between players. This enjoyment is more than evident in his second album, 'Street Blues,' a cookin' effort by three accomplished musicians who know how to take off on each other's playing. With Kenny Davis on bass and Ron DiStefano on drums, D'Amico leads on the keys, keeping a steady pace as a devout swinger. Though his playing contains elements of Count Basie, Bill Evans and early Keith Jarrett, John is definitely his own man here-- one who doesn't let technique get in the way of style. All tunes were penned by D'Amico, who creates tricky yet fully accessible melodies. There's so much good stuff it's tough to pick a favorite cut, though mine might be the catwalk vamp, 'Josephine.'"
- Philadelphia Weekly
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"FATHER JOHN" D'AMICO TRIO: "LIVE at the Painted Bride" (EAR-1006)

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"Father John" D'Amico's first recording, with Kenny Davis on bass and drummer Larry DiTommaso in a program evenly comprised of four originals and four standards: "Just Relaxin'" / "3-D Blues" / "In Your Own Sweet Way" / "Footprints" / "Red Clay" / "The First Time" / "20th Century Sox" / "Blue In Green"

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What the critics say:
"Pianist D'Amico is what one wishes Brubeck would get back to: pure, sheer pleasure. And, not only does D'Amico compose winners, he also has impeccable taste. Alongside his three self-penned gems (plus one authored by drummer DiTommaso), dig what he's covered: Miles & Evans' "Blue in Green," Brubeck's "In Your Own Sweet Way," Freddie Hubbard's "Red Clay," and Wayne Shorter's "Footprints." For 50:26, it's piano heaven...D'Amico plays the tightest standard cool keys around. . .A lot of pianists will not touch this stuff, it's the music equivalent of fine-line drawing: one thing gets out of place, even slightly, and you lose everything. Your touch has to be ice-confident, your timing absolutely perfect and your perceptions razor sharp. D'Amico breezes it. A new Ramsey Lewis/Ahmad Jamal with Corea sensitivities. Bassist Kenny Davis and Larry DiTommaso on the skins, are to-die-for backups. Their lines are well chosen, and if any of the three are more exploratory, it's Davis with his delicious little permutated notes and minutely askew rhythms...Highly, highly recommended...Guaraldi himself couldn't score on the money as solidly."
- Marc Tucker, Camera Obscura

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