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Pianist / cellist / composer Jim Holton augments his basic quartet (featuring Jon Thompson, tenor sax; Mike Boone on bass and drummer Jimmy Coleman) with Byron Landham, Craig McIver or "Pete" Vinson (drums), Ron Jennings (guitar), Marlon Simon, Rich Posmontier, or Tino Serrano (percussion), Cindy LeBlanc (flute), Tyrone Brown (bass), John Swana (E.V.I.), Joe McDonough (trombone), Jeannie Brooks (vocals), and many more musical surprises for this retrospective debut project.
"Blues" / "Damon Holton Introduction" / "My Heart at Thy Sweet Voice" / "Blues for Royal" / "Katy" / "Beautiful Love" / "One for Sir Price" / "Prayer" / "Prayer for Healing" / "Wright Is Wright" / "Watching" / "Song for My Mother" / "No Green Bananas" / "Blues" / "Her Majesties Danze"

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What the critics say:

"...This is a very personal CD for Holton, who dedicates the work to God and seems to include all of the people in his life that have paved the way for him to be where he is today...And he plays with his friends who have helped him throughout his life. Luckily, he has very talented friends from the Philadelphia jazz scene, including famed bassist Tyrone Brown.
Because it is a retrospective album, it includes the various styles of jazz that Holton is quite capable of playing including blues, smooth, funk, and trio. Holton is also an accomplished cellist and includes several tunes that highlight his fine string playing. 'Katy' opens with a beautiful cello solo that leads into a free-spirited combination of piano, sax, cello, and bass with an upbeat feel that also features saxophonist Jon Thompson, who shines on this number. 'Beautiful Love' features Cindy LeBlanc's excellent playing on a tune Holton wrote for the flautist. 'Song For My Mother' is a fine piano solo that undoubtedly convinced Mrs. Holton that the piano lessons paid off.
The closing 'Her Majesties Danze' is a short but beautiful cello/bass/drum trio that Holton co-wrote with Brown and, with the inclusion of the late drummer Pete Vinson, shows off the talents of all three musicians.
Holton has backed many Philadelphia musicians and is well-known in the city's jazz community. No Green Bananas is his first release dedicated to original material and, consequently, may be difficult to define stylistically but, without a doubt, clearly demonstrates Holton's multifaceted talent."
- All About Jazz.com

"'No Green Bananas: a retrospective' is an original and interesting work. Most pianists approach their initial recording as a vanity piece. They hire a nationally-known bassist and drummer they’ve never played with, include a few Thelonious Monk tunes, and throw in some standards and an original or two, if they can write. The result is too often predictable and ordinary.
Holton’s approach is original. His recording encompasses the Philadelphia-based musicians and people who have influenced him musically and personally: his dad, Damon; his most prized musical collaborators, among them Mike Boone, Jon Thompson, and Jimmy Coleman; his wife, Cindy LeBlanc, a gifted flutist; his minister, Sandra Ellis-Killian; and many of the best Delaware Valley jazz players. Holton’s musical range in this CD includes jazz trios, a Chick Corea-style fusion group, a flute-piano duo, and a tenor sax quartet.
Holton describes his goals for the CD: 'My goal was to produce an album that was fun for people to listen to, to take a sort of journey with me and the musicians on the CD. I also wanted it to have ‘hidden treasures,’ things that the listener would discover by listening to it over the years...I did it with love, sincerity, and as much effort and thoughtfulness as I could muster.'
Jim’s goal, to define himself for listeners, is an interesting and original approach that provides many interesting tracks. Certainly not the usual jazz piano cliché album we’re used to."
- Philadelphia Jazz Examiner

"On his debut recording, pianist Jim Holton creates a contemporary sound that doesn't pander. The set, produced by the session's bassist, Mike Boone, is a suave swing through Holton's original compositions in a variety of settings.
"Prayer for Healing," written with bassist Tyrone Brown, is a Latin-tinged beauty, while the title track features some elegant blowing from tenor saxophonist Jon Thompson, trombonist Joe McDonough, and trumpeter John Swana.
The session('s) sophisticated sounds elicit pleasure."
- Philadelphia Inquirer

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