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This is indeed a "Two Bass Hit," with the unusual trio instrumentation of duo bassists and drums. The "Face," of course, is vituosic vocalist J.D. Walter, leading this affair through five standards and two originals written by J.D. himself. Legendary vocal artist and co-producer Bob Dorough calls Walter's output "a highwater mark in Vocal absolutely modern music that inspires and points the way..." and says "You're gonna dig better and you oughta."
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    Personnel: Bassists Steve Varner and Tony Marino; drummer Ari Hoenig.
    "Darn That Dream" / "Colombiana" / "It Could Happen to You" / "I'll Be Seeing You" / "Tell Her I Said Hello" / "Everything Happens to Me / "Hoping You'll Be There"

    J.D.'s previous Dreambox release, "Sirens in the C-House," is SOLD OUT! can still Download individual tunes or entire CDs in MP3 format below!
    Download individual tunes or entire CDs in MP3 format!

    What the critics say:

    "...spare and loose...J. D. Walterís set may consist of mostly standards but there is nothing standard about his presentation. He sings in the manner of Kurt Elling or Mark Murphy, bouncing his voice like a Superball against the sparse backdrop of two bassists and a drummer. 'Darn That Dream' and 'Iíll Be Seeing You' become jet-propelled relay races while 'It Could Happen To You' is paced at a drawling slowness that allows Walter to flex his improv muscles. Even wilder are 'Tell Her I Said Hello,' a dramatic piece where he aspires to some of Betty Carterís epic stylization in a forceful schoolboy tenor and 'Everything Happens To Me' where his vocal gymnastics battle against the bassistsí bowed and plucked web of sound. Probably the most impressive feat is Walterís own 'Colombiana' where a swell of massed multitracked voices reveals a debt to the Four Freshmen (and maybe the Beach Boys) before rocking into a percussive African groove and letting Marino, Varner, and Koenig do their thing for an extended time. This CD is an amazing vocal workout. If you ever wondered what the legendary folk-rock singer Tim Buckley would have sounded like as a Jazz singer, hereís a possible answer."
    - Cadence

    "Singer J.D. Walter is an experimental and expressive performer. The freewheeling scatter works through five standards and two originals with an usual trio.
    Drummer Ari Hoenig and the bassists, Steve Varner and Tony Marino, create wide-open soundscapes for Walter to explore.
    ...the spirit of adventure comes through.
    With its heavy voices, 'Columbiana' sounds like jazz in a monastery...
    With one bass bowing and the other plucking...Hoenig's expert touches make things happen throughout."
    - Philadelphia Inquirer

    "Walter...uses his voice as just another instrument in the ensemble, much as Betty Carter or Anita O'Day did. With his smoky sound, Walter wavers tones ever so slightly, comes in when he damned well feels like it to stretch the confines of a song, growls, moans, exclaims and jabs with uncanny pitch and right-on articulation...a gem of a performance...Walter realizing in a wordless vocal way, perhaps as Milton Nascimento does, the potential of the human voice for gripping the heart...let's hope that the word gets out about J.D. Walter's exceptional CD." - All About Jazz

    "...he scats like nobody else. Comparisons fail me. He plays with long tones like Betty Carter, takes risks like Kurt Elling, possesses a velvety smoothness like Mel Torme, investigates wordless ululations like Milton Nascimento, croons with the confident serenity of a Nat Cole...
    Let's hope that a wide, wide listening audience sits up and takes notice.
    With authority and astounding pitch and quickness of thought, Walter really does make each tune his own...creating surprise and delight with every song...Walter obviously enjoys scat-singing, and he may eventually be recognized as one of its contemporary masters.
    - Jazz News

    "Those in the know have already checked out J.D. Walter, the Philly vocalist with the soaring improvisational style... The arrangements are impressive, too..."
    - Philadelphia City Paper

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