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Suzanne Cloud & Jim Miller
Vocalist/lyricist Suzanne Cloud and drummer/producer Jim Miller , the supportive force behind Dreambox Media/Encounter Records, wanted to do something radically different for her CD "With a Little Help From My Friends." Rarely do jazz lyrics concentrate on topical commentary, so once the material was chosen, Suzanne and Jim enlisted the creative energies of some of the finest talents on the East Coast:
Guitarist Jef Lee Johnson has several projects out on Dreambox Media. Jef is responsible for three tunes on Suzanne's CD, "Below the Beltway," "Hey Kenny, Gee" and "...a lullaby, dear Monk;" he also displays his unique guitar work on two other cuts.

Bassist Gerald Veasley, with many CDs as a leader for HeadsUp!, contributed his composition "Fly Spy," which Suzanne transformed into the first track on her CD, "Talk Radio," a diatribe against hate on the airwaves. Gerald's stunning bass is also heard on the sci-fi tribute "Watch the Skies."

Darryl Hall, first-place winner in the '95 Thelonious Monk International Bass Competition, can be heard on the CD's "coda," the final cut "For Tomorrow."

Eddie Green and Tyrone Brown, long-time compatriots since their "Catalyst" days, provide their nonpareil accompaniment on Steve Allen's "Impossible." Green can be heard with Rachelle Ferrell and his last CD, "Shades of Green" is on Dreambox.

Denis DiBlasio, formerly music director for Maynard Ferguson and groundbreaking baritone saxophonist, is currently heading the jazz program at Rowan University in Glassboro, N.J.

The abovementioned artists (and a dozen more) contributed to Suzanne Cloud and co-producer Jim Miller's CD in an ongoing expression of the Philadelphia jazz community, a tradition Dreambox Media/Encounter Records strives to represent.

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