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Originally from Detroit and now in NYC, tenor saxophonist DAVE SAYERS makes a compelling musical statement on "Misfit," taking his chordless quartet through nine of his own harmonically distinctive original compositions (plus an alternate take).

Personnel: Dave Sayers (tenor saxophone) with his quartet: Andrew Bishop, tenor saxophone; Chris Lightcap, bass; Gerald Cleaver, drums.
"Prankster" / "Motor City Motion" / "G Town" / "Little Doogles" / "It's Your Turn" / "Misfit" / "Lost Soul" / "The Zealot" / "Lullaby" / "G Town" (alternate take)

What the critics say:

"'Misfit' is a fresh, compelling album...Sayers' compositions are appealingly varied. They include, among others, a couple of fairly straight-ahead tunes, an angular melody accompanied by a funky beat, a piece in waltz meter, a folk-like melody, and another jagged melody superimposed over a churning bass and drums underpinning - all projecting through various combinations of harmonic, rhythmic, and melodic elements an up-to-the-minute contemporary character. But in addition, the improvisations also offer the spice of the unexpected...
...the tenorists are both excellent players. They work especially well together, as when they coordinate their musical climaxes so adroitly in the freebop duet of 'Motor City Motion.'"
- Cadence

"Dave Sayers, a veteran of the Philly and Detroit jazz scenes, shows some verve on this edgy debut...
The result ranges from the mellow to the madcap. Sayers' 'Little Doogles' features some nice ballad playing, and 'Motor City Motion' rises into a righteous squeal-a-thon.
Sayers creates more than flickers of interest."
- Philadelphia Inquirer


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