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Well-respected and long-established veteran guitarist / composer Steve Giordano pilots his characteristically interactive Spacetet to the Dreambox label with this recording, which includes five of Steve's soundscapes (the beautiful "Villino Anna" being the CD's original working title) plus versions of Kenny Barron's "Delores Street," Freddie Hubbard's "Intrepid Fox" and a sensitive, spontaneous take on "Stella by Starlight."
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    Personnel: Steve Giordano, electric / acoustic guitar & piano; Peter Cobb, alto sax; Bob Meashey, trumpet & flugelhorn; Brian Howell, acoustic bass; John Mosemann, drums & percussion.
    "Delores Street" / "Riverflo" / "Intrepid Fox" / "Summer Waltz" / "Fantasia" / "Stella by Starlight" / "With Love" / "Villino Anna"

    What the critics say:

    "Timeline is the first album on Dreambox Media for guitarist Steve Giordano and his Spacetet...Giordano also plays piano on one piece, 'With Love.' Five of the eight tracks are original compositions by Giordano.
    The overall affect of the album is of wide-open space, arresting percussive timbres, and an understated aesthetic that urges the listener to simply enjoy the ride. Often, particularly with the guitar solos, there is an effect of the reverb-laden guitar 'emerging' from the musical textures.
    Freddie Hubbard's 'Intrepid Fox' is one of the album's more driving tunes, effectively displaying Giordano's guitar playing, juxtaposing sustained chords, fast comping, and trills supporting the fine solos by Cobb and Meashey.
    'Stella by Starlight' gradually builds from a solo guitar to the full band, with the texture continually thickening as each instrumental part becomes more involved. Mosemann's cymbal work is especially notable, as is his utilization of the myriad timbral possibilities of the drum set.
    Of the original compositions, 'Fantasia' and 'Villino Anna' are particularly striking. Both are Latin-influenced, being a bossa and a samba, respectively. Giordano's guitar style is especially well-suited to these styles, as is Mosemann's drum and percussion sensibility. 'Villino Anna' may be the best performance on the album, with rhythmic interest as a 6/4 samba, lovely horn arrangements interspersed between the solo sections, an evolution into an upbeat Latin theme, and some of the most inspired soloing on the album.
    On Timeline, the Spacetet makes excellent use of space, texture, and timbre in creating a musical atmosphere conducive to the free exchange between the musicians. The percussive flavors, Giordano's mastery of the guitar as the sole harmonic instrument, and particularly Cobb's soloing are highlights throughout."
    - All About Jazz

    "Giordano has a warm sensitive touch, playing both acoustic and electric guitars, and he can make the Bop runs sing, while never showing off. The spacetet, even on a Freddie Hubbard burner like 'Intrepid Fox,' always keeps it gentle and sweet. They can be quick, but never harsh. In fact, despite the addition of Bob Meashey’s trumpet and Peter Cobb’s alto, this is really a guitar trio. The horns take fitting into the guitar sound seriously...All of this ends up in a fine late Bop date, even though the group’s name might echo Sun Ra. Still it’s nice to know that Philadelphia has a wide range of sounds to offer."
    - Cadence

    "Steve Giordano's guitar is ringing and translucent, sharply etched against the icy-cool sound of his Spacetet ensemble's third CD. The group dynamic is very light and airy, with a wide-open, spontaneous sound that comes at the listener in gentle waves. Alto saxophonist Pete Cobb brings a relaxed, floating air, bolstered by drummer John Mosemann's discreetly scattered rhythms. Bob Meashey's trumpet and flugelhorn add a throaty tone and light propulsion, and Brian Howell is gently lyrical on bass."
    - JazzTimes

    "Guitarist and composer Steve Giordano packs a lot of expertise into small musical spaces.
    A Philly stand-out, Giordano...specializes in dreamy, intelligent jazz settings.
    The setting here is cool post-bop. His guitar sounds steely at times and always gentle, and there's lots of room for his cottony Spacetet to explore.
    This is the third time Giordano has recorded with the Spacetet, which has Bob Meashey on trumpet and flugelhorn, Brian Howell on bass, John Mosemann on drums and percussion, and Peter Cobb on alto saxophone.
    The session covers five originals, including the Brazilian-sounding "Fantasia," along with Kenny Barron's fine "Delores Street."
    It all makes for a pleasant dip in a deep pool."
    - Philadelphia Inquirer

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