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Drummer / percussionist Vic Stevens has written, produced, recorded and mixed an outstanding collection of nine original compositions. Guitarist Alex Domschot contributes to the excitement.

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Bassists Michael Manring or Percy Jones*; Alex Domschot, guitars; keyboardist Demetrious Pappas; percussionist Hector Rosado; Ken Gioffre, saxophones.
"Peace" / "If People Could Talk" / "Circle" / "Run If You Must" / "Never" / "The Beginning" / *"Which One's Moe?" / "Kaos" / "The Funky Dunky"

What the critics say:

"A lot of shimmer and haze prevail on drummer Vic Stevens' new CD.
Stevens, who backed guitarist Pat Martino at London's Ronnie Scott's in March 2007...takes off in a fusion vein here that often recalls Weather Report mixed with some world and New Age elements.
In this electrified milieu, Stevens creates a lot of original grooves that cook...especially on the funkier ditties. Repeating melody lines that evolve slowly accentuate the bass and percussion.
...Bassist Michael Manring, who studied with Jaco Pastorius, a Weather Report mainstay...keeps the bass percolating. Ken Gioffre offers some keening soprano sax on 'Circle,' while guitarist Alex Domschot goes flat wild on 'If People Could Talk.'"
- Philadelphia Inquirer

"...Fusion continues to be a Jazz subgenre that refuses to die. One of its active participants is Vic Stevens, known primarily as a drummer for a variety of projects, most notably in a collaborative trio with guitarist Scott Mcgill and bassist Michael Manring, as well as work with folks like Bon Logaza's Gongzilla, Pat Martino and David Torn. Stevens has also recorded three solo records, with If People Could Talk, under the moniker Vic Stevens' Mistaken Identities, being his fourth. While Stevens handles all of the drum work and a majority of the keyboard sounds, the group is rounded out by Manring, keyboardist Demetrious Pappas, guitarist Alex Domschot, saxophonist Ken Gioffre, and percussionist Hector Rosado.
The program is a varied one, with the focus squarely on Stevens' drums and keyboards...For starters, 'Peace' is a rhythmic sound collage, with Stevens' drums underpinning the airy soundscape...'Circle' flows into Pat Metheny Group terrain with Gioffre's lilting soprano sax taking the lead...'The Beginning' might be considered a cousin to 'Peace' with its aloof keyboard washes and mildly interesting Manring/Stevens groove at the outset.
As for the uptempo pieces, the standout is definitely 'Run If You Must,' with the highlight being Stevens' active drum work, though Gioffre provides credible Michael Brecker-influenced tenor work. The spooky vamp of 'Kaos' is also another Stevens feature that demonstrates his considerable technical talents. Manring also lays down several Jaco-influenced funky lines, such as on 'If People Could Talk,' a feature for Domschot's scorching guitar and Pappas' piano, as well as the Manring feature, 'The Funky Dunky.' Speaking of bass, UK great and Brand X linchpin Percy Jones, makes an appearance in a trio with Stevens and Domschot on 'Which One's Moe?,' a spacy funk piece with moody overtones..."
- Cadence

"Drummer Vic Stevens has proven to be a fine sideman, particularly with outside-the-box guitarists such as Allan Holdsworth, David Torn and David Fiuczynski...
...Stevens assembled a fine band for the disc, including (bassist Michael) Manring, a fretless marvel...
...On the title track, (keyboardist Demetrios) Pappas solos on piano over Manring's serpentining bassline. (Saxophonist Ken) Gioffre alternates between tenor and soprano saxes on a handful of cuts, the best of which is 'Run If You Must.'
...shows the rhythmic influence of his great drumming teachers (Joe Morello, Kenwood Dennard, Peter Erskine, Lenny White)."
- JazzTimes

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