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DAVE WILSON has studied with Joe Lovano and Bill Barron (among others), worked with both Dave Stahl's Big Band and Orchestra, and here this veteran saxophonist has assembled a great group to perform five originals, two standards, tunes by Kenny Wheeler and Bill Evans, and a unique arrangement of "Summertime."
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    Personnel: Matt Hochmiller, piano; Steve Meashey, acoustic bass; Tony Deangelis, drums.
    "Moon and Sand" / "Just Friends" / "Summertime" / "Rockin' Tonight" / "'Smatter" / "Time Remembered" / "Funtime" / "Song for Lisa" / "Apocalyptic Blues" / "Blues on Parade" / "Summertime" (extended version)

    What the critics say:

    "...Wilson's gruff, streetwise tenor dominates this outing, with a merry band of Philadelphia musicians keeping the vibe straight-up and swinging. They hit their peak in a compelling version of 'Summertime,' with Wilson's passionate blowing going into overdrive above the riffing rhythm section. Five original tunes offer catchy hooks and warm moods, keeping the disc buzzing along nicely."
    - JazzTimes

    "...Wilson is the primary soloist, performing on tenor and soprano saxophones as he nestles his craft somewhere in-between modern mainstream and progressive jazz. On 'Moon and Sand,' his blithe tone is spiced-up by a sugary edge amid airy and dreamscape-drenched choruses. Pianist Matt Hochmiller provides a sturdy yet limber support structure via his accents, comping and soloing endeavors. But, diversity remains a key to this albumís success as the quartet swings and ventures into hard-bop terrain. More importantly, Wilson injects punch and zip into jazz standards, evidenced by his soulful rasp on 'Summertime,' and a deeply personalized spin on Bill Evansí ballad, 'Time Remembered.' Then on Wilsonís original composition titled 'Funtime,' the band works through a temperate, Latin-jazz groove to complement a few heated sojourns into the free-zone.
    Wilsonís wit shines radiantly during the final piece, which is an extended version of 'Summertime.' Here, the rhythm section gravitates atop a buoyant ostinato as the saxophonist takes on vocal-like attributes, largely due to his emphatic and vibrato-based phrasings. And besides the musiciansí noticeable camaraderie and solid chops, this endeavor pronounces clarity of thought, and proclamations of good cheer."
    - jazzreview.com

    "Lancaster, Pa.-based saxophonist Dave Wilson can change your mind about the hipness of Amish country.
    Wilson...is a threat throughout the woodwind family. It's cool to hear him throw some free-jazz squeals into a happening mainstream vibe...
    Wilson is a fluid player who gets around the horn - mostly tenor and soprano - and blends in wherever he lands. Much of this set, like the Wilson original 'Funtime,' is easy to take in, though 'Apocalyptic Blues,' with the 'Maiden Voyage'-like piano accompaniment, can get more involved.
    Wilson's blaring tenor in 'Blues on Parade' projects a persuasive, lounge-lizard feel, while Wilson's arrangement of 'Summertime' squeezes some new moves from an overworked chestnut."
    - Philadelphia Inquirer

    "Wilson opens the album with an unusual choice, Alec Wilder's 'Moon and Sand,' which he plays as a ballad on both soprano and tenor sax. The remaining ten selections include three originals, plus 'Just Friends,' Kenny Wheeler's ''Smatter,' Bill Evans' 'Time Remembered' and an original arrangement of 'Summertime.' Wilson offers two versions of the Gershwin classic: first, a six-minute take on the third track, then the twelve-minute closer, with plenty of room to display his tenor sax technique.
    Wilson does show a keen sense of melody, as well as the ability to turn the heat a notch up on the uptempo tracks. His ballad 'Song for Lisa,' performed on soprano sax, is attractive. Pianist Matt Hochmiller provides several punchy solo statements, while Meashey and Deangelis supply a simmering cushion for the quartet."
    - All About Jazz

    "The Dave Wilson Quartet interprets this session of standards and originals with a unique approach. The leaderís saxophones supply familiar melodies and improvised thrills, his piano trio supports and stretches out with improvised solo work, and the quartetís cohesive ensemble mixture relates each story convincingly. But Wilson adds a dynamic quality that pushes his quartetís performance beyond ordinary. Heís having fun, and that means his audience can enjoy the spirit equally. Several selections swing with a traditional grasp of the situation, while others stand out for their progressive charm. Wilsonís burly tenor makes a strong statement, as he surges with fluid ease and a swinging appearance. His musical statements emerge as personal pages of conversation that interact with his musical partners intuitively. Matt Hochmillerís piano soliloquies prove sensual and soothing, while bassist Steve Meashey provides an arching connector. The harmonic color that he adds, coupled with drummer Tony Deangelisí crisp stick work, gives the session plenty of character. From Calypso to Swing and balladry, the quartet comes up with a winner. The best part of the album comes at the end, with a second take of 'Summertime' that runs for 12 minutes. Wilson shows his individuality with a fired-up rampage that captures the sincere emotion originally intended for this piece by its composer. Wilsonís quartet opens up, stretches out, and releases the passion that we look for in this Jazz standard. His session comes recommended for its appropriate balance of tradition with the modern mainstream."
    - Cadence

    "The highlight of this album is track 2, 'Just Friends.' Dave Wilson on tenor plays as fast as a bootlegger heading for the county line and some fine four bar exchanges between Wilson and drummer Tony Deangelis cap off a swinging tune.
    A solid ensemble plus a few tried and true standards make this a worthwhile recording...4 Stars."
    - ejazznews.com

    "In the tradition of mainstream jazz, reedman extraordinaire Dave Wilson asserts himself to us his devoted listeners like a NASA shuttle bent on conquering the universe. His take on Bill Evans's eternal jazz ballad 'Time Remembered' personifies this perspective. The quartet 'plays itself' as it were with a natural symbiosis and a full appreciation of mature bebop....Proffering us their music with compelling chordal extensions, & lovely angular lines, etc....Bringing our sensibilities to a strong musical reaction in real time."
    - The Musicians' Ombudsman

    "The Dave Wilson Quartetís 2005 album 'My Time' is very good in a recent CD release that offers mostly original material by Wilson. Bill Evansí 'Time Remembered' and the Gershwin/Gershwin/Heyward classic 'Summertime' are also included, with the latter covered twice! Instead of being merely repetitious or smug, it works and is entertaining with the combination of talent and energy you expect from such a genre work.
    Pretty much produced by Wilson, the PCM 2.0 16bit/44.1kHz Stereo is really nice, with vivid sonics for this format sometimes hitting the audiophile level. It is one of the most replayable Jazz CDs we have heard in a while and fans will be very interested too..."
    - fulvuedrive-in.com

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